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Eqo / People Screening

Body Scanner using flat-panel millimetre-wave technology


The only ECAC Standard 2 certified people screening product
Automatic detection – full privacy solution
Multi material detection – metals, ceramics, plastics, liquids
Operational cost savings – less staffing, infrastructure, training
Increased throughput with faster processing time
Minimal footprint – allows for easy checkpoint integration

Eqo uses a flat-panel millimetre-wave technology to detect concealed contraband of any material type.

The system software indicates concealed object locations by displaying a marker on a mannequin representation of the person being screened.

This system operates within a minimal footprint and can be easily integrated into any current checkpoint configuration.

Additional features include:

  • the ability to scan new people while alarms on a previous person are being resolved
  • additional screening procedures to add further security layers to the process
  • process checking to ensure correct CONOPS
  • millimetre-wave image interface for specialist detection applications

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