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ABC eGates / Automated Border Control

Faster passenger processing


A user driven design to maximize traveler acceptance, without compromising on security
A reduced footprint and deployment flexibility with hardware modularity
A frictionless and accelerated border control in less than 15 seconds
Last generation e-Passport readers
Facial Recognition software with liveness detection
Multiple biometric modalities with face, finger print and iris​

The new Gemalto ABC eGates combine expertise in document verification, passenger biometric authentication with an optimized and modular hardware solution to automate border control. They provide greater flexibility with regards to airport floor and passenger flow management and process passengers faster.

Now you can deliver a smoother passenger journey and facilitate entry and exit management.

An end-to-end ABC solution with greater flexibility

Designed to fit with your entry and exit processes:

Regardless of the hardware configuration, the ABC gate system includes gate central management, gate monitoring and integration to the border system.

The ABC gate solution supports face and fingerprint biometrics. Iris is also available as an option.

  • 2-door e-Gate with a mantrap
  • Available with a segregated or an integrated process management
  • Ideal for Entry Management
  • Minimal footprint with 1-door gate
  • No mantrap, integrated document and identity authentication process.
  • Ideal to expedite Exit Management

Besides strong demand for self-service for the handling of entry and exit controls, there is a need for greater deployment flexibility. Gemalto’s latest ABC solution combines strengthened security, enhanced passenger experience with greater operational flexibility.

Gemalto’s latest ABC gate design allows for accelerated border control processes while giving the flexibility of a modular hardware design.

  • Speed up your exit controls and optimize airport floor management with one door ABC gates
  • Strengthen and streamline your entry management with 2-door ABC gates.
  • Comply with latest regulatory standards and embrace the full potential of biometrics with multi modal biometric authentication

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