Security equipment rental
for detection of threats and weapons

Human safety and security is the most important thing.
We will not only protect you with our equipment, but also your staff,
your guests as well as the general public.
Movie props
Public / private / industrial
Cruise ships
Mail and sorting centers
Shopping malls
And more
equipment rental

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Products available for short or long term

Walk-through metal detector

Accurately detects concealed weapons, dangerous objects and metallic threats even within body cavities.

  • Accurate Detection of all Metallic Threat Items
  • High Discrimination and Throughput
  • Exceptional Immunity to external interferences
  • Rapid Installation

Also provides a high level of discrimination of non-threat items.

The design of this equipment provides the best compliance with the security requirements in public events and has extremely high immunity to outside interference. This allows a higher flow rate and improved processing times.

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X-ray inspection system

Detects weapons and explosives. Shows extremely detailed X-ray images inside backpacks, luggage, boxes, mail, etc.

  • Ideal for building entrances and crowded areas
  • Produces extremely detailed X-ray images
  • Easily integrates in a security checkpoint

Designed to detect prohibited and dangerous items, weapons and explosives this X-ray Inspection system provides extremely detailed X-ray images inside backpacks, personal bags, luggage, boxes etc.

This equipment can also be used by manufacturers who require confidential X-ray screening to detect items on the assembly line. May also be used for mail or boxes that need to be identified or screened.

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Hand-held metal detector

Intended for body search. Will detect most metal objects.

  • Ultimate sensitivity: detects guns, knives, razor blades etc.
  • Large 8″ scan surface for quick, thorough scanning
  • Sharp audible alarm and bright red LED indicates the detection of metal
  • Momentary push button helps temporarily eliminate detection of nearby ambient metal such as rebar, metal walls, etc.
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Complete Security Checkpoints

Scan and check through everything and everyone like in airports.

The combination of an X-ray inspection system, a walk-through metal detector, a handheld metal detector and ferromagnetic detectors delivers an effective, layered approach to complete security. These solutions are designed to be both reliable, user-friendly and easy for security personnel to operate.

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Ferromagnetic Detection : Detects large weapon threats in a wide perimeter

Detection system designed specifically to identify weapons and mass threatening objects.

  • High throughput efficiency
  • Deployment versatility
  • Easy to use
  • Covert screening – audible and visual alerts

This unit is a perimeter detection system designed specifically to identify mass casualty threat items. Its battery-powered operation makes it a versatile solution and eliminates the need for costly infrastructure changes or construction modifications. With a slim design profile, it subtlety ensures no distraction from the guest experience at your venue or during your event.

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Our turn-key services include:

  • Delivery, installation, calibration
  • Basic operator training
  • Complete support
  • On site, continuous or around the clock presence if needed
  • In depth training on understanding and interpretation of X-ray imaging if required
  • Disassemble and retrieval

With offices in Quebec, Ontario and points of service in the Caribbean’s, we sell and lease in many parts of north, central and south America.



Our clientele is diverse.

We have worked with the Canadian National Defense, participated in the G-7, served the Commissionaires du Québec and have as clients several airports, ports, government agencies, prisons as well as numerous public and private institutions.

At Sectus Technologies, we only use some of the best products available on the worldwide market. All our engineers and technicians strictly adhere to the highest norms and standards established in the industry.

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