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Risk assessment

In order to offer a full range of security services, Sectus Technologies has partnered with HCiWorld, the world leader in risk assessment.

HCiWorld helps customers secure their business by identifying the security and compliance risks they face and providing quick strategic advice and proven solutions to better protect their employees, customers and reputation.

HCiWorld has extensive experience and expertise in the areas of public and private security, including aviation security, passenger screening, event security, and the development of surveillance and training programs. They work in partnership and rely on an international network of professionals and trusted companies. Their clients are private companies and government agencies involved in transportation, technology, education, professional services and security.

With HCiWorld’s risk assessment services and the quality products and support provided by Sectus Technologies, the safety of our customers is in good hands.

Click here to see Yves Duguay, president of biographical notes for HCiWorld.