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HCVL / X-Ray inspection system

Light vehicle inspection system



Can be configured as a conveyor or reader through the scanner
Both configurations have a high throughput (Conveyor: up to 55 cars / hour; Crossing: up to 200 cars / hour)
Highest resolution and image quality available
X-ray centered view providing a symmetrical image of the top view of the scanned vehicle
Compact design for easy integration into existing sites
Connectivity with other systems

The HCVL ensures the continuous circulation of vehicles, even at peak times, while guaranteeing excellent image quality and reliable screening results for all loads.

The HCVL X-ray screening system is suitable for installation in ports, land borders and city entrances – wherever it is necessary to monitor a high throughput of light vehicles, including cars, vans, minibuses and motorhomes. It provides operators with a quick and easy-to-use tool to detect threats such as drugs, explosives, weapons, contraband, radioactive materials and human trafficking.

Its vertical-centric geometric scanning allows you to analyze entire vehicles at full load in a single view. The integrated CargoVision platform guarantees the maintenance of high security levels by providing reliable analysis information. The high definition radiographic images of the vehicle can be viewed with the DaiSy data set management tool, providing rapid and precise analysis on site or remotely.

To support local regulations on passenger scanning, the HCVL is available in steering wheel scanning mode with the HCVL 35D or in conveyor scanning mode with the HCVL 40.

When equipped with the optional iCmore radioactivity capability, the HCVL simultaneously performs X-ray inspection and analysis to detect the presence of radioactive gamma material in the vehicle.

When equipped with the OCR ALPR option, the license plate number of the inspected vehicle is automatically recorded in the vehicle data set.

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