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HI-SCAN 10080 EDX-2is

Automatic explosives detection system

HI-SCAN 10080 EDX-2is


Automatic detection of explosives
Analysis of Zeff for efficient detection at low false alarm rates
High belt speed, thus high throughput up to 1,800 items/h
EU standard 2-compliant (acc. to regulation 1448/2006)
Evaluation in real time
Specially designed for multi-level systems
Two high-resolution X-ray images (dual view) available for operator recheck
Fully integratable in automatic conveyor devices and networks for image distribution, system management, archiving and TIP

Screening objects transported in the cargo hold of airplanes has historically represented a major challenge to the aviation industry. The evolution of this requirement to include 100% inspection of these objects has now become a critical element in maintaining traveler confidence and assuring the future success of the aviation industry.

The abilities of the system help meet all requirements existing within a 100% screening environment. Using the latest developments in this sector, the EDX-2is offers major technological innovations with regard to the X-ray generator, the X-ray sensors and automatic image evaluation.

Thus the EDX-2is is able to offer the highest detection rate in its class.With a tunnel opening of 107 cm in width and 81 cm in height, the system allows for the screening of oversized objects up to a length of 3.8 m, avoiding the need to divert to an alternate screening technology. Due to its detection capability, combined with a low false alarm rate, the system is able to screen up to 1,800 bags per hour – setting a new standard for automated screening technology.The EDX-2is, operating at 0.5 m/ sec, has been specifically designed to meet the challenges of integration into automated conveyor systems.

The EDX-2is can be integrated into existing or newly designed conveyor systems. Within the proven multi-level screening concept, all objects to be inspected are screened automatically for explosives by this high speed Level 1 system. Objects cleared by EDX-2is continue to their determined destination while the X-ray images of objects rejected in Level 1 are auto matically diverted to a second security level for further evaluation. Should further inspection be necessary, the image and object are sent to Level 3. With lower throughput requirements for Level 3 screeners, further technologies exist for this application and implementation will be depend on the security philosophy and regulations of the airport.

Automation of the primary inspection process offers the added benefits of reducing staff requirements and recurring costs.

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