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HI-SCAN 5030si

Table-top X-ray inspection system

HI-SCAN 5030si


Compact and flexible solution for stationary and mobile applications
Tunnel opening of 532 x 330mm
Easy to use
Typical penetration 16mm of steel, wire resolution up to AWG 39

A modular table-top system, the HI-SCAN 5030si is ideal for threat detection in mailrooms, entrance halls, prisons and schools where contact-free inspection of pouches, bags, letters or packages is required.

Providing high-quality image analysis, more than 3,000 HI-SCAN 5030si X-ray inspection systems have been installed worldwide.

The HI-SCAN has a small overall footprint, making it ideal for entrances with limited space. Can be incorporated with a caster module, allowing it to be easily wheeled to wherever personal belongings and other items need to be screened.

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