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HI-SCAN 7555aTiX

Dual view X-ray inspection providing automatic detection of solid and liquid explosives

HI-SCAN 7555aTiX


Automatic detection of explosives in parcels, carry-on or checked baggage
Automatic detection of LAGs in accordance with ECAC Doc. 30, part II
Duty conveyor load max of 250kg allows screening of heavier freight items
Analysis of Zeff and density using independent views
Two high-resolution detailed views (Dual-view)
High-resolution XADA sensor technology

Due to it’s size and tunnel opening the HI-SCAN 7555aTiX is very versatile and suitable for application in the fields of cabin baggage, hold baggage or parcel screening.

The Hi-SCAN 7555aTiX provides automatic detection of solid and liquid explosives during the screening of checked or hold baggage, parcels or small items of air cargo.

An aperture opening of 75 x 55cm, combined with a maximum duty conveyor load of 250kg, provides the flexibility to screen a wide range of items, including heavier freight items.

Performing with high detection and very low false alarm rates, the HI-SCAN 7555aTiX can be fully integrated into network environments for system management, facilitating archiving, image distribution and TIP functionalities.

In addition to achieving ECAC EDS Standard 2 for hold-baggage screening, the HI-SCAN 7555aTiX has also achieved certification for ECAC EDS cabin baggage  C1 and C2. It also meets the EU legislation for LEDS Standard 2 and 3 Type C.

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