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Baggage handling System (BHS)

Horizontal Claim Conveyor

Baggage handling System


Positive drive with high reliability and ease of maintenance
Produces soft start up, reducing wear to mechanical components
Typically 27m/min to suit reclaim and make-up activities
Reduces maintenance costs and requirements
Performance of claim conveyor not sacrificed when baggage is “double stacked”. Dynamic capacity up to 100Kg/m
Increases the maximum length of claim conveyor circuit

The horizontal claim conveyor provides an endless horizontal conveying surface, enabling it to serve three primary functions within the baggage handling environment.

  • Baggage Reclaim – Predominantly located in the passenger claim area which is clad in stainless steel with non passenger areas clad in either galvanised steel or painted mild steel.
  •  Flight Make-Up – Usually located within the baggage hall and supplied as an integral part of a Departures or Transfer bag handling system. The conveyor is usually finished in galvanised or painted mild steel for this application.
  • Sortation Loop – A high speed variant is used in conjunction with pushers or camsorters to give a re-circulating sorter outputting to chutes or conveyors.

The Model 688 claim conveyor is a proven design having easy installation and maintenance properties. It provides the ability to transport baggage in all three planes by the use of standard modular sections. A complete claim conveyor circuit is made up of any number of curves, straights, incline and decline sections. 

The Model 688 claim conveyor has been designed to provide sidewalls and kick strips on both the inside and / or outside edges of the circuit and at specific points or along the full length of the circuit. An infill can also be provided in the centre of the claim conveyor no matter what the shape of the carousel circuit.

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