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PA 80 / Easy mov platforms

Maintenance Platform

PA 80


Integrated battery charger electric 400V.Tri
Front axle steering, hydraulically assiste
Hydrostatic transmission on rear wheels
Control box on platform with steering wheel
Platform access ladder, access door with automatic safety lock
Non slip floor GREPON
Traction bar for towing the platform
Scissors elevation system
2 LED spotlights
Platform overload sound and light alarm
Platform lowering and reverse alarm
Excessive slope sound alarm
Platform side protection with rubber
Fire extinguisher
Emergency touch platform stop sensor
Reverse camera

The PA80 Maintenance Platform has been designed primarily for smaller aircraft maintenance operations, for use on the aircraft apron, remote stands and aircraft hangars.


Platform floor Height range: 1430-8000mm
Max. working height: 10 meters
Platform payload: 465 daN
Fuel type: Electric, Diesel or Bi-energies

Can be used up to a wind speed of 80 km/h.

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