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ScanMobile 130100

Mobile X-ray inspection system

ScanMobile 130100


Incorporates HI-SCAN 130100
Penetration up to 30mm steel (typical)
Film safe up to ISO 1600 / 33 DIN
Customizable vehicle chassis

The ScanMobile 130100 integrates Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 130100 X-ray inspection system a specially manufactured body chassis, allowing users to move the vehicle wherever demand arises.

Designed for places where luggage, freight or mail is loaded or unloaded and must be checked for customs or security purposes.

Fast and easy loading and unloading of inspected items is enabled by a motorized conveyor at the input side and a heavy-duty roller conveyor at the output side. Both have been designed to fold easily inside the vehicle for quick assembly and pack-up.  The height of the conveyors is adjustable to meet the requirements of the operating area.

Options available include air conditioning and an integrated power generator.

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