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ScanVan 8585

Mobile X-ray inspection system

ScanVan 8585


Low roof height / compact wheelbase
No special vehicle operator license required
Retractable awnings for weather protection
Customizable storage solutions
Onboard power generator

ScanVan is a vehicle-mounted mobile X-ray system.  It was originally developed to help protect ports and borders and now adapted for use in the commercial security market at locations such as concerts, sports arenas, convention centers, campuses, and at other places where temporary checkpoints are needed.

Built using a Dodge™ ProMaster cargo van, ScanVan is a compact and easily maneuvered vehicle that provides the critical element of mobility for security operations. The self-contained system enables random and portable screening capabilities which are a key component of effective security and deterrence. ScanVan also provides an immediate flexible solution for event and facility perimeter security when additional screening is needed.

The core of the ScanVan’s capabilities is a HI-SCAN 100100 PRO, a state-of-the-art X-ray system capable of scanning a wide-range of objects such as cargo, electronics, boxes, backpacks, coolers, bags, and strollers, among many other items. This fully integrated X-ray inspection system includes automatic detection software that aids users in intercepting threats and contraband.

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