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Sleeping Pods

Airport sleeping solution

Sleeping Pods


8/10 passenger recommends
Plug&Play installation
Monetize your dead-spaces
Easy to access to any passenger
Rest between flights in full privacy
Improve your ASQ ratings
Easy to maintain and keep clean
Compact in size and scalable

GoSleep concept can be found in dozens of international airports worldwide. Service is providing passengers a short rest and privacy in public places. Our specially designed sleeping pods are made according to the highest quality standards in our own production. GoSleep Pods are safe and certified, fulfilling all necessary fire and safety rules and regulations at the airport environment.

GoSleep Pods are tiny capsules with storage space underneath the seat cushion for personal belongings. The pods themselves are a reclining chair with a roller blind that can be closed fully or partially for privacy.

All pods are equipped with USB and regular charging ports. Depending on the host terminal, you may be able to rent pillows, blankets, computers, internet, shower kits and eye shades. These amenities vary from airport to airport.

These Sleeping pods are located after security at all airports, meaning only guests with proof of onward travel will be able to access them. Pods can be rented by the hour.

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